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The Cider Barons

"Cider built all these houses" as an old saying goes in that part of Lower Austria known as the Cider Quarter. And what it meant can be seen in the imposing sight of the so called "Vierkanthöfe" (the enormous four-sided farm houses), the visible result of the prosperity cider brought to the region. The most successful came to be known in the vernacular as the "Cider Barons".

In fact, it was the aristocrats who came up much earlier with the idea to plant pear trees from which pear juice was pressed. As in the past, a noble title was conferred only on certain individuals, so it is now for certain farmers. They have earned it by their passion and commitment to the cause of the Cider Quarter and its unique pear cider. These are proud of their roots, proud to maintain local traditions and at the same time are forerunners of the culture of cider. The Cider Barons fulfill this with style - as producers of cider, distillers, hoteliers and restauraters.

They are instantly recognizable, both men and women, by their unusual hats, black with a red band and white plume. On special occasions, the women wear the black and red cider-quarter dirndl or national dress, while the men wear the local suit with a typical Cider Quarter waistcoat.

Pears all over

Other regions producing cider use apples, however here pears are used which brings an elegance and especially fruity quality to the cider. This is the largest pear-producing area in Europe where cider has had a proud history. The Cider Barons are doing their utmost to ensure the future will be likewise great.

They would like to inspire the greatest number of people not only to enjoy the cider, but also to explore the region and its pleasures. And this with a splendid range of ciders, juices and refined schnaps, expert-led tastings, entertaining events and innovative specialities.

To maintain the diversity of the undertaking, the Cider Barons have laid out a 20 hectare orchard devoted entirely to pears. Fifteen different varieties of pears are cultivated here which are intended in the next years to be the unique trademark of the Cider Baron pear cider.