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The "Mostbarone": ambassadors for perry

20 natives of the Mostviertel region have dedicated themselves heart and soul to the production of fermented pear juice, also known as perry.

The title "Mostbaron" ("Perry Baron") is only conferred upon a select band of Mostviertel residents in recognition of their dedicated work on behalf of the region and the perry from which gets its name. The honorary title is currently borne by 20 perry producers, restaurateurs, hoteliers and fine fruit brandy distillers, who have all sworn a collective oath: to uphold and cultivate Mostviertel perry and the culture associated with it.

Jungspund, Gödnmost and "Prima Pira" – the classics

With passion, creativity and state-of-the-art winery technology the Perry Barons transform the fruits of Europe's largest contiguous pear-growing region into all kinds of liquid delights. The products created by the Mostbarone include the elegant Mostbaron sparkling perry, the fine brandy "Prima Pira", which is matured in pear-wood barrels, and balsamic vinegar with a delicate pear flavour. Innovative variations like the fruity, effervescent sparkling perries and punchy young perries such as "Gödnmost" and "Jungspund" taste great too. The different character of the perries depends on their individual balance of acidity, residual sugar and tannins.

Brous, Preh and Exibatur – the new line of gourmet perries

Over the past months, the Perry Barons have developed a new range of gourmet perries featuring three varieties: "Brous" (light, crisp), "Preh" (sophisticated) and "Exibatur" (strong, earthy). Each of the three perries is a cuvée of at least two and a maximum of four perry pear varieties: with their full-bodied flavour and lower alcohol content they are a perfect alternative to wine. For a full list of suppliers and stockists and further information (German only) please visit www.gourmetmost.at.

Sampling and learning

The Mostbarone run expert-led tasting sessions and on request host informative and entertaining perry-related events for groups of all sizes – from perry tasting to educational workshops and perry-themed guided walks.

Something to celebrate

The Perry Barons also know how to party. The Spring Perry Festival is a colourful programme of events held to coincide with the pear trees coming into flower, culminating in the annual "Perry Day" on the last Sunday in April.

When the ripe pears are harvested and the pear juice placed in barrels to ferment, it's time for the Autumn Perry Festival. The fun and celebrations continue into the early winter, when the young perry is offered for tasting for the first time - one of the November highlights is an event entitled "Die Moststraße brennt" ("The Moststraße distilled").